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Ready made treasure hunts for office Christmas parties

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Image: DIY self-managed themed office Xmas party group.

DIY or managed Treasure Hunt for Your Office Christmas Party...

Office Christmas parties love them or hate them, try something different to help get the office into the party mode, appealing to all tastes from competitive to those that just want a bit of fun.

It’s the time of Father Christmas, Elves, xmas trees, lights, silly hats, crackers, booze, snow, silly costumes, balloons and parties.

You could theme the event and get everyone involved with a themed fancy dress. We can then do you a customised themed office Christmas party treasure hunt, starting from your office and follow the trail to your office party venue.

The ideal start to your party with some fun and competitive spirit. Your staff will be already 'warmed up' and in the party mood.

Christmas treasure hunts are a great way to get your team mixing. London based teams may want to have a look at Dickens Inn, Tower of London or the Wine Tun as suitable finish venues depending on your budget.

Smartphone or managed office Christmas party treasure hunts available.

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Benefits of the fully managed office Xmas party treasure hunt.

Photos from the event can be downloaded onto a laptop and shown during the evening

Less stress for you as our events managers do this day in day out.

So how do our Office Christmas Party Treasure Hunts Work ...

We have ready prepared DIY (self-managed) treasure hunts in hundreds of towns throughout the UK and in the capital cities of Europe. But if we don't have one in your region, talk to us as we are always looking for an excuse to prepare another treasure hunt! Unlike some treasure hunts, ours do not rely on GPS technology etc making them accessible to all.

Before the event, we will need to know a little about certain staff members (they need to have a good sense of humour!) so that we can customise your hunt. We can include images and set tasks based on any amusing anecdotes that you send us.

Your personalised treasure hunt comes via the post as a pack containing the clues (enough for 4 teams - you decide on the number of people in your teams) and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Extra sets are available (extra cost) if you expect to have more than 4 teams. Please contact us after ordering.

So you just need to supply the participants and cameras to make sure that this year's office christmas party will be memorable for all the right reasons.




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All hunts can be delivered as a smartphone treasure hunt if required. For some, we will need a bit of notice beforehand as they are not all yet prepared.