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DIY Treasure Hunt for Your Birthday Party or Other Family Event ...

Planning a big party for a loved one's Birthday or other family event such as a christening, wedding or just a family get-together can be a daunting task and chances are that although the guests all know their host they will not all know each other; so once you have them assembled how do you keep your family and friends amused and involved throughout the day.

We have the perfect solution to get your family gathering off to a flying start and give them something to talk about for the rest of the day.

A personalised Family Treasure Hunt or Birthday Treasure hunt is a fun activity that will bring guests together, keep them entertained for 1-3 hours and is designed to produce some fantastic photo memories of the day that you will treasure forever.

Our family treasure hunts are written with no fixed route and more clues than time available so teams can choose which areas they want to visit to collect clues, the family event treasure hunt is written specifically for the chosen location and will cover all of the major attractions and places of interest that the town or city has to offer and because there is no fixed route start and finish locations can be entirely up to you. Travel abroad to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome Lisbon or wherever ... see our treasure hunt venues page or just tell us where you want to be.

Our Family Treasure Hunts and Birthday Treasure Hunts are designed to run for 1-3 hours but the timings are at your discretion. There will be questions to answer, tasks to perform and photo assignments to complete, we will also include a word quiz so there is definitely something for everyone. Teams will need to blag their way into establishments and coerce members of the public in order to get their photos and collect the shopping list items for those all important points. A late return will cost them hard earned points.

Our Family Treasure Hunt photo assignments may have you adopting some strange positions and are designed to produce photos you will want to treasure for many years to come.

Our Family Treasure hunts will soon be all the rage and much talked about events throughout the country, so why not book yours now and be amongst the first of your friends and family to hold such an event.

So how exactly do our Family Treasure Hunts and Birthday Party Treasure Hunts Work ...

We have ready prepared DIY (self-managed) treasure hunts in hundreds of towns throughout the UK and in the capital cities of Europe. But if we don't have one in your region, talk to us as we are always looking for an excuse to prepare another treasure hunt! Unlike some hunts, ours do not rely on GPS technology etc making them accessible to all.

Before the event, we will need to know a little about the 'birthday boy' or 'birthday girl' or some of the family members so that we can fully customise your hunt. Unlike other companies, we can include images and set tasks based on any amusing anecdotes that you send us anywhere in the hunt, not just on certain pages.

Your personalised treasure hunt comes via the post as a pack containing the clues (enough for 4 teams - you decide on the number of people in your teams) and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Extra sets are available (extra cost) if you expect to have more than 4 teams. Please contact us after ordering.



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All hunts can be delivered as a smartphone treasure hunt if required. For some, we will need a bit of notice beforehand as they are not all yet prepared.